My Services

Do you need high-quality content? I have the skills necessary to complete a range of professional freelance writing and marketing services, including blogging, copywriting, social and digital media, editing, proofreading and more.

Read on for more details and for current deals.


  • Listicles
  • News articles
  • Opinion pieces
  • Advice columns
  • Product reviews

Blog content is crucial if you want to engage with your customers. This form of online writing provides an opportunity to reaffirm and strengthen your brand, increase your visibility online through keyword placement, and give friendly advice and updates about your industry to the reader. This all feeds into brand loyalty: standout blog content will allow customers to find you online, increase the chances of repeat purchases, and encourage referrals from your customer base.

My blogging freelance services range Top 10 articles to How To guides and topics of interest. Not sure what you’re after? No problem! Just get in touch so we can talk through your goals.

Special Deal: I will write a 300 word, SEO friendly blog post on a topic of your choosing for £30.


  • Landing or home page
  • Product reviews
  • About me section or biography
  • Full website content
  • Press releases
  • Leaflet or brochure content
  • Poster content

Copywriting forms the foundations of business online. Good writing is effective in hooking readers in through engaging content, before transforming them into customers using persuasive writing techniques. If you think anyone can write a few sentences about your product or service, think again. This isn’t a skill to be taken lightly, as it requires just the right balance of selling versus informing.

Does your website need an overhaul? I frequently rework text and write original content to help businesses find their feet online. My research skills also mean I’m able to get to grips with any topic quickly. Please get in touch for more details and a quote.

Special Deal: I will write a 500-word landing page with keyword placement, bylines, and headlines, for £100.


Digital Marketing

  • Consultation
  • Branding
  • Website optimisation
  • Start-up business development

As businesses become increasingly reliant on the internet, the transition may leave some of you feeling at sea. Even if face to face contact with your customers is an essential part of your business, digital marketing shouldn’t be overlooked. The internet offers a fast, direct and often free avenue to reach out to potential new customers while reminding repeat customers that you’re still around.

Are you making the most of your business online? My digital marketing services range general consultation to the nitty gritty, such as drafting a business plan or proposal, reviewing your searchability, and analysing where it is that you’re going wrong.

Special Deal: I will provide a one hour consultation to review your online presence and suggest changes for £50.

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media management
  • Profile page optimisation
  • Social media campaign strategy and implementation
  • Social media posts

Social media may just seem like a platform through which you can speak to your friends – but any shrewd business person should recognise the promotional potential of websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Social media marketing provides great outreach potential and can transform your online footprint: from reaching out to your target audience to expanding into another area of the industry you work in. If copywriting forms the foundations of business online, social media marketing is the strong beam.

Do you need to utilise your social media accounts? I can strategise and implement a well-rounded social media campaign which will attract and engage with a whole community of new customers. Hire me today to find out how!

Special Deal: I will create and implement a month-long campaign for £200.


  • First draft proofread
  • Final draft proofread
  • Full edit including fact check
  • Full edit including fact check and improved reading

Many businesses already have a functioning website, but is yours the very best it can be? Whether you’re better at business than you are writing, or you just want someone to cast a critical eye over your hard work, my editing and proofreading services will guarantee you’re making the most out of your space online. Begone, earnest mistakes, and tricky typos!

Let me help you find your voice. Hiring me to elevate your work will ensure your business is putting its best foot forward.

Special Deal: I will proofread a home page of up to 400 words for £30.


  • Long form piece
  • Research piece
  • Expose
  • Interview

Many of my clients ask me to create bespoke content that focuses on a particular topic and to find an interesting and informative angle through which to sell a story. Thanks to my work as a journalist I am adept at researching and interviewing experts and professionals: thinking on my feet to keep the subject engaged while writing to a standard that everyone can understand and enjoy.

If you are building a platform that relies on compelling long-form content, hire me to create copy that will strengthen your reputation as a reliable news source and encourage your readers to come back for more every day.

Special Deal: I will conduct an interview with an industry specialist and write it into a long form, 700-word piece for £70.


Would you prefer to hire me hourly? No problem! I charge £40 p/hour for writing and marketing projects. Get in touch to find out more or to negotiate an ongoing contract.