Christmas-Eve and Easter Day Men and Women

Excerpt From Christmas Eve And Easter Day Men And Women In A Balcony Dramatis Personae Balaustion S Adventure Prince Hohenstiel Schwangau Fifine At The Fair Christmas Eve And Easter Day Florence, Christmas Eve I Out Of The Little Chapel I BurstInto The Fresh Night Air AgainFive Minutes Full, I Waited FirstIn The Doorway, To Escape The RainThat Drove In Gusts Down The Common S CentreAt The Edge Of Which The Chapel Stands, Before I Plucked Up Heart To EnterHeaven Knows How Many Sorts Of HandsReached Past Me, Groping For The LatchOf The Inner Door That Hung On CatchMore Obstinate The They Fumbled, Till, Giving Way At Last With A ScoldOf The Crazy Hinge, In Squeezed Or TumbledOne Sheep To The Rest In Fold, And Left Me Irresolute, Standing SentryIn The Sheepfold S Lath And Plaster Entry, Six Feet Long By Three Feet Wide, Partitioned Off From The Vast Inside I Blocked Up Half Of It At LeastNo Remedy The Rain Kept DrivingThey Eyed Me Much As Some Wild Beast, That Congregation, Still Arriving, Some Of Them By The Main Road, WhiteA Long Way Past Me Into The Night, Skirting The Common, Then Diverging Not A Few Suddenly EmergingFrom The Common S Self Through The Paling Gaps, They House In The Gravel Pits Perhaps, Where The Road Stops Short With Its Safeguard BorderOf Lamps, As Tired Of Such Disorder But The Most Turned In Yet AbruptlyFrom A Certain Squalid Knot Of Alleys, Where The Town S Bad Blood Once Slept Corruptly,Christmas-Eve and Easter Day Men and Women

Elizabeth Barrett Browning, professing that he loved her poetry and her In 1846, the couple eloped to Europe, eventually settling in Florence in 1847 They had a son Pen.Upon

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