Power Drive (TodaysGirls.com #10)

Maya Cross Believes She S A Born Leader She S Confident, Opinionated, And Wields Authority With A Happy Hand Maya Thinks Winning Is Everything Her Latest Idol Is A Female Politician Who Seems To Be Maya S Kind Of Mover When Maya Is Challenged At School By A Longtime Rival, She Throws Her Hat Into The Political Ring And Runs For Student Council In The Process Of Leading A Fiery Campaign, Maya Will Discover What True Leadership IS Taking A Higher Road With High Standards, As Well As Taking Responsibility For Those Following And What It Is Not The Knowledge Will Let Her Glimpse God Clearly.Power Drive (TodaysGirls.com #10)

Nancy Peacock s first novel, Life Without Water, was chosen as a New York Times Notable Book Her second book, Home Across the Road, was also published to favorable reviews A Broom of One s Own Words on Writing, Housecleaning and Life is her first work of nonfiction, part memoir and part writing manual In addition to working as a housecleaner, she has also been a bartender, carpenter, baker, wa

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  • Hardcover
  • Power Drive (TodaysGirls.com #10)
  • Nancy Peacock
  • English
  • 12 December 2017
  • 9781417603589

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    Power PlayPLOT Maya decides after watching her role model of the week Karen Dean Malloy the local senator and her overly opinionated classmate Camille Bates taints about her lack of a stand on the school s potential uniform policy she decides to run for student council She allows a classmate Lori Kate to take over as her campaign manager along with her friend Amber Yet Politics isn t all It s cracked up to be and Maya finds out there s actual work involved such as making speech s, and posters, and working with the humanity habitat And then there s something weird going around with Lori s Kate s creepy imitation of Maya and the mysterious tricks that have sprung up against Maya s campaign that no one from Camille s party seems to want to take credit for And then is Maya s hero Karen Dean really all she makes herself out to be in the press MY THOUGHTS Another campaign book which I m not a fan of Maya s honesty slogan is uninspired and boring And in this she comes off fake It s ok to not know in high school what you want to do but Maya chooses to run because she has hero worship for Karen Dean Malloy a local senator and because it s a getting one...

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    This book was interesting than the last one I read because I could relate to it slightly better, but I m still going to rate it three stars Why Well, I think it was geared towards younger kids Younger as in maybe jun...

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