Montauk, Long Island, 1938.A Simple Town On The Brink Of A Glamorous Future.A Marriage Drifting Apart.A Life On The Edge Of What Is And What Could BeAn Epic And Cinematic Novel By Debut Author Nicola Harrison, Montauk Captures The Glamour And Extravagance Of A Summer By The Sea With The Story Of A Woman Torn Between The Life She Chose And The Life She Desires.Montauk, Long Island, 1938 For Three Months, This Humble Fishing Village Will Serve As The Playground For New York City S Wealthy Elite Beatrice Bordeaux Was Looking Forward To A Summer Of Reigniting The Passion Between Her And Her Husband, Harry Instead, Tasked With Furthering His Investment Interest In Montauk As A Resort Destination, She Learns She Ll Be Spending Twelve Weeks Sequestered With The High Society Wives At The Montauk Manor A Two Hundred Room Seaside Hotel While Harry Pursues Other Interests In The City College Educated, But Raised A Modest Country Girl In Pennsylvania, Bea Has Never Felt Fully Comfortable Among These Privileged Women, Whose Days Are Devoted Not To Their Children But To Leisure Activities And Charities That Seemingly Benefit No One But Themselves She Longs To Be A Mother Herself, As Well As A Loving Wife, But After Five Years Of Marriage She Remains Childless While Harry Is Increasingly Remote And Distracted Despite Lavish Parties At The Manor And The Yacht Club, Bea Is Lost And Lonely And Befriends The Manor S Laundress Whose Work Ethic And Family Life Stir Memories Of Who She Once Was As She Drifts Further From The Society Women And Their Preoccupations And Closer Toward Montauk S Natural Beauty And Community Spirit, Bea Finds Herself Drawn To A Man Nothing Like Her Husband Stoic, Plain Spoken And Enigmatic Inspiring A Strength And Courage She Had Almost Forgotten, His Presence Forces Her To Face A Haunting Tragedy Of Her Past And Question Her Future Desperate To Embrace Moments Of Happiness, No Matter How Fleeting, She Soon Discovers That Such Moments May Be All She Has, When Fates Conspire To Tear Her World ApartMontauk

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  • Hardcover
  • 388 pages
  • Montauk
  • Nicola Harrison
  • English
  • 02 October 2018
  • 9781250200112

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    No matter how perfect all these lives seemed from a distance, so full of possibilities and promise, we all wanted Montauk is a historical novel about one woman s path to self discovery through an unexpected romance Beatrice, a young housewife, summers in Montauk amongst the wealthy and privileged crowd, but yearns for She has lived a sheltered life, to say the least Away from the bustle of New York City, she begins to recognize the cracks in her marriage Struggling to fit in with the cutthroat society women, she befriends a laundress who introduces her to another kind of life, one filled with simplicity but built around love When she meets a lighthouse keeper named Thomas, her life is altered forever She finds herself being forced to choose between luxury and true love.Told through Beatrice s eyes, Montauk is a slower paced character study While the reader gets an honest but, sometimes, frustrating view on Beatrice s life and the choices she makes, for me, it was too much telling and not enough seeing.I both enjoyed and struggled a bit with Montauk. I loved the setting, but I had trouble connecting with Beatrice, which was partially due to the narrative style The transitions between narrative and dialogue were sometimes a little stiff and at other times rushed The novel did feel authentic and while Beatrice is a product of her time, there were some moments when I j...

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    Nicola Harrison s debut takes place in 1938, a turbulent time in history, where dark clouds hint of a world war to come, she explores the stifling expectations and roles of women at the time and a story that is revealing of the class inequalities of the period, the differences in the vacuous inconsequential lives of the rich and the precarious lives of those that are poor, or making modest livings It is set in the spectacular natural beauty of the small fishing village of Montauk, Long Island, known for its hurricanes, where for 3 months has the wealthy elite of New York City descend on it Hoping to rekindle her marriage to Harry, Beatrice Bordeaux is staying amongst the high society wives at The Montauk Manor, a coastal hotel Beatrice has been desperate for a child in her 5 year marriage, but there has been an increasing distance between the couple Harry, however, has other plans, he is spending most of his time back in New York.Beatrice has little in common with the high society women, and they do little to welcome her Beneath the glamour and fashion, these ghastly rich wives may have children, but have little to do with their care, they are marked by their dissatisfaction, rivalries, bigotry, the propensity to judge, are small minded, gossipy and with an overwhelming arrogance and air of superiority when it comes to the locals Beatrice feels a sense of dislocation and finds these women of little interest, instead begins to connect with some of the locals, such a...

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    I m between 3.5 and 4 stars.It s 1938, and a large number of New York City s wealthiest residents descend upon Montauk, Long Island to spend the summer in this new East Coast playground The wives will spend the entire summer there at the luxurious Montauk Manor, a hotel by the sea, while many of their husbands will return to their business interests in the city and then come to Montauk on weekends.Beatrice Bordeaux is among those wives who will spend their summer in Montauk, but she is surprised to learn that her husband Harry will be leaving her during the week One of the main purposes of this trip was that the couple could rekindle their marriage and hopefully become pregnant with the baby that has eluded them for five years Although Bea would like to relax and read, Harry wants her to socialize with the other society matrons, so that he may find a foothold for his investment interests in Montauk.While Bea is taken by the beauty of Montauk, she quickly grows bored of the women s talk of frivolous things, even charitable activities that seem self serving than generous She befriends Elizabeth, the Manor s laundress, whose down to earth nature reminds Bea of the life she knew before she met Harry, even though such a friendship would be frowned upon.Bea is also disillusioned by the state of her marriage Harry seems less and less interested in being with her, only wanting her to help advance his interests and make appearances at his side When she discovers that Harry is not ...

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    This is a story of it s not you, it s me I mistakenly thought this would be historical fiction than romance novel And it s definitely not Montauk tells the story of Beatrice, a young woman who has married into money and is struggling to fit in with the high society crowd summering in Montauk It s 1938 and the country is still recovering from the depression, not that these folks have any problems The book covers the differences between the haves and the have nots, the sexes, gentiles and Jews Harrison does a good job setting the time and place You truly see the beauty of Montauk It s a typica...

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    s s s Nicola Harrison completely captivated me with this dazzling tale set against the backdrop of 1938 Montauk Long Island The story had a great sense of place and time You really got a good handle on the role of women and the class divide in the late 1930s Sometimes a character would do or say something that would make me cringe and I had to put it in perspective and realize this was a different place and time This was a romance with a historical setting rather than historical fiction with some romance Beatrice is a strong smart savvy woman who finds herself in a loveless and childless marriage Excited and a little hesitant to spend her summer on Montauk Beatrice is hopeful to rekindle things with her husband When she finds out that he will only be spending the weekends with her she is less than thrilled how is she going to pass her time with these women that she has nothing in common with Fortunately Beatrice befriends Dolly an older and wiser woman and Elizabeth a local who does laundry for the hotel Beatrice finds herself drawn to the locals and the natural beauty of Montauk rather than the socialites and the glitz When she meets Thomas the lighthouse keeper there is an instant attraction He is kind and caring and authentic the complete opposite of Beatrice s husband Harry As the summer goes on Beatrice realize...

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    Thank you to St Martin s Press who provided an advance reader copy via NetGalley.I received an invitation widget from the publisher to read and review this book Otherwise, this wouldn t have caught my eye as something I would want to read I m not into the historical romance genre, but every once in awhile I travel outside my comfort zone Technically this is classified as women s fiction I steer clear of those too Beatrice Bordeaux has been married to Harry for five years It s 1938, she s now thirty and childless Beatrice came from humble beginnings, but has been living a privileged existence with Harry so successful in the finance field When they first got married they couldn t keep their hands off each other, such was their ardent hunger for one another Now Harry is spending time away on business and it seems like their marriage is on auto pilot The Bordeauxs live in New York City, but like many other well to do couples, they are going to Montauk at the tip of Long Island for the summer The wives stay at the...

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    Nicola Harrison presents her debut novel, Montauk, nestled on the tip of Long Island It s the summer of 1938 and we, as readers, step into a time period wrapped in social s, societal webbings, and male female designated roles Not one to be enad with romance novels, this was a bit of a challenge for me, but through no fault of the writing skills of Nicola Harrison She sets the tone precisely for the era and her complicated characters reflect that My backbone arched a bit every time these individuals actions demonstrated such tunnel vision in their societal roles Yes, they were dancing fitfully to the beat of the music played on their dance cards Right as rain.But I wished for thunderstorms in Montauk Our main character, Beatrice Bordeaux, has been landlocked on Long Island for the entire summer by her aloof husband, Harry, who has taken up quite the extracurricular activities in New York City He peppers his trail with lie upon lie and as women it was to be taken with a grain of salt Oh, sorry about that Beatrice longs for a baby and sits wit...

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    This debut novel is set in the summer of 1938 in Montauk, Long Island Beatrice was a great character and it was interesting to see how she reacted to different situations with some of the wealthy wives She came from a middle class background Her husband was a truly unlikable guy A bit of a romance than I was expecting It is well written, but a bit of a slow burn for me There...

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    Montauk by Nicola Harrison is a historical fiction novel that is set in the very real destination of Montauk, Long Island in 1938 Montauk much like the neighboring area of The Hamptons is was known for being a vacation destination for the rich even back in 1938.Beatrice Bordeaux was looking forward to a short summer vacation with her husband, Harry but instead Harry changes up their plans Harry is looking into investing in Montauk so he arranges for Beatrice to stay for the entire three months while he commutes back to the city during the week and returning only for weekends.Beatrice quickly feels out of place with the other wives staying at The Montauk Manor but does her best to fit in and take part although she finds herself much comfortable around the help Before long Harry is showing up less and less and when Beatrice tries to surprise him sh...

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    Favorite Quotes As we drove up the tight and winding road, tree branches reached overhead toward each other like lovers hands desperate to connect I d felt paranoid that everyone already knew about Harry s philandering How could they not Women talked and Harry, apparently, was about as discreet with his affairs as a pack of rats going through a dumpster.Sometimes I yearned for that forever feeling those hours that stretched into days and days into a week, without a thought for tomorrow It was simple then We wore swimsuits all day long and we slept long and deeply at night, eager for it all to start again the next day, never thinking for a second that another day wouldn t come What s important in situations like these is that you find a way to relax and nature will most certainly take its course He jotted these thoughts down on a prescription pad, tore off the page and handed it to me Take this seriously, he said It s your duty to your husband and to America As a kid anything seemed possible in the real world, though, nothing was Youth gave us an infl...

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