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A Chilling Ghost Story With A Twist The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Winter People Returns To The Woods Of Vermont To Tell The Story Of A Husband And Wife Who Don T Simply Move Into A Haunted House, They Start Building One From Scratch, Without Knowing It, Until It S Too Late In A Quest For A Simpler Life, Helen And Nate Abandon The Comforts Of Suburbia And Their Teaching Jobs To Take Up Residence On Forty Four Acres Of Rural Land Where They Will Begin The Ultimate, Aspirational Do It Yourself Project Building The House Of Their Dreams When They Discover That This Charming Property Has A Dark And Violent Past, Helen, A Former History Teacher, Becomes Consumed By The Legend Of Hattie Breckenridge, A Woman Who Lived And Died There A Century Ago As Helen Starts Carefully Sourcing Decorative Building Materials For Her Home Wooden Beams, Mantles, Historic Bricks She Starts To Unearth, And Literally Conjure, The Tragic Lives Of Hattie S Descendants, Three Generations Of Breckenridge Women, Each Of Whom Died Amidst Suspicion, And Who Seem To Still Be Seeking Something Precious And Elusive In The Present Day.The Invited

I m the author of seven suspense novels, including Promise Not to Telll, The Winter People, and most recently, The Night Sister I live in central Vermont with my partner and daughter, in an old Victorian that some neighbors call The Addams Family house.

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  • Hardcover
  • 353 pages
  • The Invited
  • Jennifer McMahon
  • 24 December 2017
  • 9780385541381

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    In the very beginning of the story, Hattie Breckenridge is hung for being a witch Nate and Emily decide that they want to build a house in Vermount The plot of land that they purchase is haunted They then learn that Hattie use to live on the land that they purchased a century ago near the Bog Then things get really interesting Helen doesn t know it but she ends up building a haunted house from sctatch Then strange things start happening It is so eerie.Helen also finds out about the tragic lives of Hallie s descendants, three generations of Breckenridge women, each of whom died amidst suspicion Then Olive, a 14 year old girl, tried to find her mother who disappeared without a trace She lives with her father and they are both grieving Before her mother died she told her that there was a hidden treasure somewhere in the woods that borders the bog Olive then is on a search to find the treasure.A very chilling gothic ghost story with a twist which was not scary but very creepy and it did give me goose bumps It s also a thriller and a mystery I was immediately drawn into the story, since I loved the atmosphere and the supernatural eerie world of this book The book goes back and forth from the past to the present There are dark secrets that are slowly revealed The book kept me in suspense to find out what was going to happen next It also has some surprises.I thought this was a character driven novel The characters were very well developed My favorite character was Olive I loved the writing style which had short chapters I found it to be an addicting read.I recently read The Winter People and loved that book too I already downloaded The Night Sister, by this author and can t wait to read it I just want from this author I think you will love this if you like a good ghost story that then changes into a thriller.This was a Traveling Sister Read and a lot of us enjoyed it a lot It made a great group read I want to thank Netgalley, DoubleDay Random House and Jennifer McMahon for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 stars Blurring the lines between the past and the present, the dead and the living. With dreams of a less complicated life, Helen and Nate decide to uproot from urban CT and move out to the country Using money Helen recently inherited after her father s passing, they make a plan to start over and build a new home with their own hands Ultimately, they decide on a large plot of land in rural Vermont with a rich history Leaving their cushy CT lives behind, they move into an old trailer on the new property and commence building their dream home.Olive, a young girl, and new neighbor to Helen and Nate, is missing her Mom, who left home one night and never returned Rumor has it that she ran off with a man she was having an affair with but Olive doesn t believe it Acting out and skipping school, Olive is on a direct path to nowhere, if someone doesn t step intervene.As with The Winter People, McMahon has blended perfectly past and present into this story In addition to the main storyline, described above, we also learn about some characters from the past who have deep connections to Helen and Nate s land The way that all of these storylines are woven together and ultimately connect is seamless.McMahon has such a haunting way of writing There is an overriding sinister ambiance to her work that makes them an absolute joy to read She adds just the right amount of chilling atmosphere and occult references to give her stories a genuine feel without being gaudy or overdone.Some of the plot elements I found were a little too easy to figure out, too simplified, if you will, which is why I decided on a 4.5 star rating as opposed to a full 5 stars That is totally my opinion however and I can understand why people would give it a higher, or even a lower, rating For me, this ghost story with a twist was highly entertaining and that is what I am basing my rating on Some people move into a haunted house, but you, you want to build a haunted house, Helen How fucked up is that McMahon has quickly become an autobuy author for me I feel like people are definitely going to love this one Get your hands on it, people Releasing next month A big thank you to the publisher, Doubleday Books, for providing me with a copy to read and are review I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to reading from McMahon in the future

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    3.5 starsNate and Helen decided to change their lives They resigned from their teaching jobs and moved to rural Vermont where they began building the home of their dreams They purchased the forty four acres of land from a man who was extremely motivated to sell So happy to have a good deal, in a beautiful setting, they soon learned that their land was once owned by a suspected witch, Hattie Breckenridge A woman who the town chased down and hung for being a witch Rumors about the land are all around town People also had tales about sightings of Hattie Undeterred, Helen and Nate continue to build their home When Helen purchases materials for her home, not only do strange things begin to happen but she begins to have sightings Intrigued by the history of the land and tales of Hattie Breckenridge, Helen decides to learn all she can about Hattie and her descendants.Olive, a local teenager, is looking for answers about her Mother s disappearance She is also obsessed with finding lost items in the bog To right a wrong she agrees to help Helen and Nate build their house As the trio continue to build Helen and Nate s dream home, it becomes evident that the past is not ready to rest, that items can act as conduits, and that Hattie and her descendants need help.The Invited beings with a thrilling scene which got my attention right away When the tension of that scene is over, things slow down as the story in the present day is being told I found the first half of the book to be on the slower side as McMahon built her story, introduced her characters and set up the book for the second half Speaking of the second half, things picked up and became interesting as there are sightings and the back stories of Hattie s descendants are told.I can t say that this was my favorite McMahon book My favorite being The Winter People but this book was atmospheric and the bog was eerie This book was not spooky, scary or even creepy So people may be able to enjoy this book It wont keep anyone up at night, checking under their beds or looking in their closets, but it was enjoyable It was also well written, and things came together nicely in the second half of the book Witches, ghosts, Vermont, bogs, deer, lost items, found items, strange noises and wild life all play a part in this paranormal tale mystery Thank you to Doubleday Books and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Five deserved, burning, spooky, creepy, witchy, goosebumps stars The reasons I enjoyed so much about this book We meet with Hattie, a real gifted witch, who was just being killed by locals with false accusations She s still witch but not she is not danger to the community, she just wanted to help for saving children That prologue gives you creeps, by disturbing your feelings push you turn pages faster It starts with the moving of couple, Helen and Nate, recently resigned from teaching jobs to shape a different life by changing their living place, coming to rural Vermont for building their own place The same land Hattie has died Oh yes, you can hear Twilight Zone s theme music in your ears Because they re entering another dimension A different, quirky place with ghosts Boooo nananana Okay, I m cutting from here, it gets frustrating Olive is their 14 year old neighbor who was recently abandoned by her mother, living with her father who loses his marbles each day after his wife s departure, remodeling house by destroying every part of it to bring his wife back He thinks he can deceive his wife with wider wardrobes and Mountain View Olive hates newcomers, she thinks there is a secret hidden treasure on their land If they leave their land, she can make a proper search So she starts stealing them to confuse their minds, wearing white dress, walking into their land at midnight, acting like Hattie s ghost Yes, this girl is strange, weird, crazy, wild, tomboy but still so lovable, well developed, amazing teen character So there are too many interesting and also typical horror story instrumentals such as A ghost who is searching for her child and grandchildren A hidden family treasure A disappearing hypnotizing white deer which could be the reflection of HattieSpirits connect with real people by quija boardA group of weird people s monthly meetings seances to connect with the spiritsRising questions to differentiate what is real and what is madnessFive generation of women s unfortunate stories It s a long book which gave me red eye because I felt like my hands were glued to the pages, I couldn t put down, I couldn t stop to think about the story , I couldn t easily give up on Hattie The writing was remarkable , well crafted, gripping I m so happy to finally find a book about good spirits not the evil but unfortunate ones with unfinished business Because it is so boring to watch and read about the ghosts and their vengeance stories I loved this, I enjoyed it, I m satisfied with the ending Last twist was a little expectable but I still liked it

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    A couple decide to buy some land in Vermont that local legend has deemed haunted They get a discount Nate asks his wife, Helen what would make her happy She tells him that she dreams of a country life, away from the demands of the city She wants land, a garden, chickens, goats, reminiscent of her childhood reading of the Little House on the Prairie.Nate and Helen buy the land and begin building the home of their dreams They are building it themselves and adding some pieces of local history to their master plans.As Helen fills the house with local artifacts, she stirs some spirits from the past Suspicious and unfriendly townspeople, strange noises in the night, paranoid thoughts, and a story from a century ago have Nate and Helen desperate to figure it all out.A ghost story and a haunted house made this one an intriguing story with some tension and foreboding Well written with a unique spin that held my attention until the end I really enjoyed this one I did not find this one scary There are themes of generational curses, spirits, witches, and ghosts Thanks to NG Pub for my review copy

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    Middle school teachers, Helen and Nate, living a comfortable, sane life in the city, decide to ditch their jobs, new condo, and city life, after Helen s father dies and has her rethinking what she wants to do with her life They buy 44 acres in the Vermont woods, with it s very own bog In line with their new way of life, they are building their house themselves and Helen goes about finding things that are related in some way to Hattie Breckenridge, a rud witch who lived on that property a century ago Helen has trouble finding anyone willing to talk about Hattie and in fact, a lot of the local townsfolk seem to be suspicious of Helen and Nate, for buying and living on Hattie s property This is not a horror story but it is a ghost story The scares are subtle and the story is a slow one, building quietly, as we get to know Helen and Nate, in their new surroundings and also get to know a their 14 year old neighbor, Olive and her dad Olive s mom disappeared the year before and rumors have it that she ran off with a man, much to her husband s utter grief Olive s aunt Riley watches over Olive and her brother when she can but mostly Olive is on her own, skipping school to look for clues to her mother s disappearance Strange things are happening in the tiny town and on Helen and Nate s property, causing friction between the couple as Helen keeps looking into Hattie s haunted past while Nate seems to be on his own supernatural quest, as he tries to follow a white deer through the woods Then there are some townsfolk who seem to be up to no good, with their seances and secret meetings I enjoyed this slow book, especially spunky Olive and her sad father This was a group read with the Traveling Sisters group on Goodreads and also my Goodreads friend JuJu Julie Thank you to Doubleday Books and NetGalley for this ARC.

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    One doesn t always need to move into a house that is haunted, sometimes even building new the land itself could be taunted This is what happens in the Vermont woods, when Helen and Nate leave their jobs, taking Helen s inheritance, to build a new house What they didn t know was that this spot was the place of an horrific injustice, and a lost treasure It soon become clear that they are not alone, and that someone wants something from the m.I love how this author puts her stories together, outwordly happenings mixed with human greed Although some of this was predictable, other parts weren t, and the ghostly vibes kept me reading The past is never completely past, not in a person s mind and maybe the spirit world can reach out and attach itself to familiar things At least this author makes it seem possible She always gives the reader someone to root for, and in this one it is a you g girl who needs some answers to some very serious questions At the end one can t help but thinking that the humans are scarier than the ghosts Or at least their motives less than pure This was just spooky enough for this reader.

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    This book is nothing short of astounding If you ve been following me for a while or even for a week or two , then you know that I love horror I love reading every single word and letting it sink in I love the heart pounding, fear I get when I read scary books Of course, if you know me in real life, you know that I am a big scaredy cat I hate dark places, tight spaces and scary situations So why, would I like horror books Mostly because I can control the situation When I m reading, I know what I m reading isn t real and that I can always shut the book One thing most horror authors cough Stephen King cough , is have a very subtle slow build of horror As a person who has ADHD and a very short attention span, I need my books to be fast paced And this book kind of was I mean it would go a few chapters being super exciting and then for a chapter or two it would get a bit boring At least, it was able to correct the pacing pretty often.A common horror trope is no one believes the protagonist I was a bit disappointed that for a while, no one would believe Helen Another common trope is when partners slowly become distanced and angry at each other That happened and it was heartbreaking to read.On the note of boring ness, I really enjoyed all of Helen s chapters and the sprinkled in POV of Jane and Ann but I really did not enjoy Olive s chapters I found them really boring Maybe it was because Olive just never clicked I really didn t find myself caring about her or her story.Something a couple of horror novels have done is discrediting the paranormal activity For example, the ghost isn t a ghost, it s an animal I really loved that none of the paranormal activity was ever discredited by Helen She was a believer to the end.Finally, I was a big fan of that plot twist Obviously, I won t spoil it but trust me You want to read this book if only for that kind boggling twist Thank you to Doubleday Books for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewBottom Line 4.5 StarsAge Recommendation 14 Scary themes, abuse, murder TW Sexual abuse, Murder, Use of the word F ck Cr zyPlot 4 5Cover 2 5Characters 3.5 5 Whoa This was one of the five ARCs I received today I can t wait to read it Pinterest image error

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    I absolutely loved this multi layered, multi generational ghost story and mystery, steeped in tragedy Jennifer McMahon is masterful ghost storyteller she has gone back to her roots with The Invitation with a straight up ghost story that will scare your socks off I haven t been this spooked by a book since reading Simone St James The Broken Girls which had a similar gothic, haunting vibe And I so appreciated the nod to history geeks such as myself here I have long been a fan of this author and I think this is one of her strongest books yet Recommend Thank you to Doubleday Books for my advance copy.

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    5Anyone that knows me well at all knows I absolutely A D O R E Jennifer McMahon She writes some of the creepiest and most chilling books I have ever read Unfortunately, while I still really enjoyed The Invited, it was not my absolute favorite from her.What it s about Helen and Nate have decided to leave their teaching jobs and move from the suburbs of Connecticut to forty four acres in Hartsboro, Vermont Using money she received after her dad died, Helen and Nate decide to build a house on the land and stay there in a trailer while it is being built But this is not your standard, large piece of land and people in the area say it is haunted Helen likes things with history though, and Nate doesn t believe in ghosts Soon Helen finds herself engrossed with the history of the property and the dark things that happened on the land But when strange things start to happen at the building site during the night, Helen and Nate must decide if staying there is smart, or if it has the potential to be deadly The Invited jumps between past occurrences on the land, and POV wise mostly between Helen and a young girl named Olive in present day I loved the different timelines and storylines in the book, and they definitely kept me very interested in what was going on I wasn t a huge fan of all Olive s sections, but most of them were necessary to the story And like with most of this author s books, The Invited has a very real ghost aspect to it So if you don t like books that delve into the supernatural world, I wouldn t necessarily recommend this to you I happen to love that about McMahon s novels, and that ended up being what disappointed me the most in this one While the ghost aspect was there, I think she could have gone SO much further with it and made this book even better than it was Especially considering the fact that this cover is so dang creepy and perfect for the story Also, did I mention how atmospheric this book is The setting was positively eerie, and it made everything seem even creepier Final Thought The Invited is quick, interesting, and classic McMahon so if you haven t picked up a book by her yet, or are already a huge fan, I definitely recommend picking this up I loved that the sections of the book were broken into the building of the house, plus the pacing, along with the other things I mentioned The only things that fell short for me were the ghost aspect, finding myself annoyed at times with Olive s sections, and the fact I figured out a major part of the plot before it happened This was still a very solid read though and one that I will be recommending Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an advance review copy of this book

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