The Once and Future Queen, Vol. 1

Rani Arturus Is A Chess Prodigy With No Plans To Be A Leader Of Any Sort, Let Alone QUEEN After She Pulls The Legendary Sword Excalibur From The Stonewell, No Backsies Now She Must Form A New Round Table Made Of Friends And Family To Protect The Earth From An Invasion Of Fae, Who D Like A New Planet To Call Their Own It S Magic, Romance, Adventure, And Excitement As Old Myths Reveal Themselves To Be Fake, And New Ones Cause Trouble For Everyone King Arthur Is Reimagined As A St Century Multi Ethnic Teen Girl Featuring A Diverse Team Of Characters With East Asian, African, And British Heritage, As Well As Diverse Sexual Orientation Set In Portland, Oregon, And The UK From The Team Who Created Amelia Cole, An All Ages Heroine Who Ran For Arcs At Monkeybrain And IDWThis Volume Collects The Once And Future QueenThe Once and Future Queen, Vol. 1

Adam P Knave is an Eisner and Harvey award winning editor and writer who writes prose fiction This Starry Deep, Stays Crunchy in Milk, Strange Angel , comics The Once and Future Queen, Amelia Cole, Artful Daggers, stories in Titmouse Vol 2, Outlaw Territory Vol 3, and many , as well as humor essay collections NYCWTF, I Slept With Your Imaginary Friend and used to write columns for sites

➵ The Once and Future Queen, Vol. 1  Read ➼ Author Adam P. Knave –
  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • The Once and Future Queen, Vol. 1
  • Adam P. Knave
  • English
  • 19 July 2019
  • 9781506702506

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    The Arthurian legend updated for current times with a young woman as Arthur There is playing around with gender roles in this book than there is an actual story Rani, Lance, and Gwen occasionally stumble into things but otherwise not much happens The art is not very good and the coloring is worse Most of the panels are all one solid color instead of taking advantage of modern coloring techniques It seriously looks like my 5 year old nephew colored this.Received an advanced copy from Dark Horse and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

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    This is a very diverse book featuring a lead woman of color, asexual characters and two wlw It s an interesting retelling of the tale of King Arthur It is my understanding that this book was pulled before it really got the chance to take off and that s a shame Its a very unique style and I think it s very brave The art style is not one I m used to but it s very charming I appreciate that it reminds me of a story book The plot is pretty easy to follow, although I felt as though it moved a little too fast, particularly with how quickly everyone adjusted to Gwen being a part of their lives This whole thing reads like a crazy dream and that s probably what appealed to me the most about it It was fun, it was adorable and it explicitly talked about asexuality and what that means So, I give it props for that, although it probably won t be on my top 10 at the end of the year 3 stars.

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    I have always enjoyed Arthurian stories, so I saw this was available on Edelweiss and decided to try for it I got approved for it, but never got around to reading it Finally, I decided I should probably do that and get it off my Edelweiss shelf I can t say that this was a favorite read by any means The story and how Rani gets the magical Excalibur felt a bit umm, how to say this without being too spoiler, but at the same time letting you know how WTF it was for me anti climatic did that work While I was not expecting like glittery sparkles for the moment, it was seriously like okay, she has it now I seriously wondered if the writer knew from the get go that he was only going to get 5 issues, so he had to force things through or what the heck went on in his mind to make it seem like anyone could have rolled up on the sword and taken it It made me very sad, overall.The part of the collection that I did enjoy was the fact that this really explores modern day sexualities, but it does not do it successfully to me See the cover Poly is all I am going to say, so I don t give away everything but the kitchen sink There is even some asexual representation in this, but it all feels so rather forced Congrats for being diverse, but can it feel natural Probably for a different writer or a bit editing on this writer s part It felt like it jumped so much between the two side characters romancing the main character that at times I felt that the main storyline suffered from this I understand that a single issue of the comic series has limited space and that this particular style means that certain tropes and formatting has to be followed, so I think overall I probably would have enjoyed this as a well thought out graphic novel with multiple volumes instead of as this collected 5 issue set.I will say I loved that this was not an immediate Morgan Le Faye is the bad guy story Morgan appears, but who she is and how she fits into the real world I loved Seriously As a book blogger there was no way not to love it Want to know why the love Read the darn thing Find out if you like the things that I disliked about it Maybe it will give it another volume that can help flesh it out better than this one does Some of the sketches seem to allude that there was some elements that they wanted to do in subsequent volumes, so maybe if someone throws some money at them they can produce those issues.I feel that this is one that most people could avoid and just be fine with it People who like Arthurian stories will at least enjoy those subtle nods that it gives to it I try to not be overly negative in my reviews, so this is probably the most negative review I will ever give on here The reality is that this just wasn t done well for me, as a reader I saw a lot of cracks in the veneer and simple ways to fix those issues As a reader though, I recognize my own biases and recognize that sometimes I am just not going to enjoy what I read This was one of those reads Someone else may have a completely different experience with it Good luck to those that take it on.

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    This is a really neat idea but not a lot happened in this first volume I really like the direction they are taking with updating the Arthurian Legends for modern times, but I am definitely gonna need to see some action and plot advancement in volume two I did really like that instead of wasting time on the Arthur Gwen Lancelot love triangle they just decided to make them all be in a poly relationship, especially because my answer to love triangle bullshit is always just that It s nice to see an asexual character as well but I hate that when asked if he would still want to be in a romantic relationship he replied of course, I m not a robot Like good to know that even if we get ace rep we still have to throw aromantic people under the bus loud sighing I m used to it but it doesn t mean I have to like it.

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    Finally got around to finishing this bad boy After I had returned it to the ILL system my school s library actually decided to buy a copy so I was able to borrow it again I ve actually had it for a while now but hadn t been in the mood to read it It wasn t until I was waiting for a video I had made to finish rendering that I finally picked it up.Poor Gwen losing her eye, I didn t remember she had taken that fae s eye until that part had happened All and all I don t know if I was hugely impressed with this and that s why I took it off of my must buy list here on Goodreads I don t know if I m going to read the second volume if and when it comes out

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    2017 is a strange year for many reasons, but one in particular is that pop culture has touched upon the Arthurian legend, whether it s in summer blockbusters Transformers The Last Knight and King Arthur Legend of the Sword, or Fox s upcoming TV police procedural drama Camelot This ancient tale has also been evoked in the comics scene, including the return of Matt Wagner s Mage and this Dark Horse title from the creators of IDW s Amelia Cole series, The Once and Future Queen.Please click here for my full review.

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    First of all, can we have a moment for the gorgeous artwork of this book It reimagines the Arthurian legend in modern day Portland, but with a vaguely 80 s aesthetic and lots of PNW inside jokes Arthur is chess prodigy Rani Arturus, Excalibur is a tattoo that transforms into a sword, and Merlin is a space wizard The comic also has bisexual pansexual rep, a canon asexual character and a polyamorous relationship personally, the way I thought Arthur Gwen lance always should have been My only complaint was that the story felt a little rushed inconsistent at times, and there were too many cross cuts towards the end Will be reading volume two for sure.

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    This was an imaginative self aware re invention of the arthurian story Reni Arturus is half Indian American, half Brit, away from her home in Portland, OR to Cornwall England for a chess tournament When she loses her match, she runs off and ends up in some sort of dig tunnel where she finds a sword in a stone Surprise, she pulls out the sword and is imbued with it s power, Merlin shows up to help guide her, and she heads back to Portland Meanwhile, Gwen, witnesses the strange summoning with the sword, becoming so drawn to Reni that she winds up somewhat apologetically following her to Portland in order to meet her While they are meeting, Reni s classmate Lance is there working, the three of them spot Morgan Pari who is a famous YA author of fae stories, but when she notices them she suddenly runs away The trio remaining are left baffled, until evil fae come pouring through a portal, and they have to fight for their lives Obviously, the three band together, to fight an evil fairy king who is pouring through to defeat earth They also wind up wondering if they can be normal teenagers and have lives while at war There are a lot of good elements to this in seeing them gaining personal confidence through their battles, what seems to be a healthy poly triad forming, and there being parents around who are supportive involved in teens lives for once.

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    1.5 starsThe only reason I m giving this book any stars is I somewhat like the premise, and I appreciate the representation of asexuality, queerness, and polyamory among teenagers Sadly, the creators are really bad at writing dialogue and pacing their plot details There s no believable character development, the characters voices are annoying and cliche 90% of the time, and really, the whole thing is just not worth reading It s like they had a checklist of identities and relationship dynamics they wanted to include in a comic book, and just built a flimsy, rushed action story around it.I read this for one of my women s comic book clubs and, based on our discussion after it had been suggested, it seems no one that read any of it liked it.

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    A great fresh look at the Arthurian legend Millenial hi jinks plus the usual magic, action and gore spiced with the aroma of diversity and such.

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