When Night Falls (The Three Gifts #1)

Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition For ISBN 10 1622875788 ISBN 13 9781622875788.We Rarely Consider The Reputation Of Our Age An Ordinary One, For Most Of Us, Would Suffice You Might Be An Empress Too Concerned With The Affairs Of State, A Soldier Focused On Your Duty, A Former Rascal Trying To Find Redemption, Or Even A Great Warrior Too Busy With Your Command To Know That There Are Whispers Being Spoken In Late Night Taverns But What Happens When Your Ordinary Age Stops Being So Ordinary What Happens When Dark, Twisted Things Step Out Of The Mists Of Legend To Walk The World Again Strange, Black Ships Have Been Spotted Far Out At Sea People Are Disappearing From Towns Without A Trace Cordovan, A Member Of The Watchmen Of Alexandria, Knows Something Is Wrong, As He Races Toward The Capital, Hoping He Will Make It In Time Meanwhile, Far To The North, Two Of The Ancient Sages Of The West, The Ki Gadi, Know That The Darkness Is Coming While The Rest Of The World Carries On, Unaware Of The Danger, They Search For The Place Where The Darkness Is Taking Root Heroes Will Be Needed To Face What Is Coming Alexandria Is Home To One His Name Is Bantu, The Commander General Of The Peoples Company He Will Be Needed, When Night Falls.When Night Falls (The Three Gifts #1)

Gerald L Coleman is a Philosopher, Theologian, Poet, and Author residing in Atlanta Born in Lexington, he did his undergraduate work in Philosophy and English at the University of Kentucky He followed that by completing a degree in Religious Studies and concluding with a Master s degree in Theology at Trevecca Nazarene University in Nashville His most recent work appears in, Pluck The Journal

Epub ➝ When Night Falls (The Three Gifts #1)  Author Gerald L. Coleman – Tiffanydaniels.co.uk
  • Paperback
  • 550 pages
  • When Night Falls (The Three Gifts #1)
  • Gerald L. Coleman
  • English
  • 04 March 2019

10 thoughts on “When Night Falls (The Three Gifts #1)

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    Author Gerald Coleman takes us to a fantasy world reminiscent of The Wheel of Time and Lord of the Rings, except this is a story replete with multicultural characters It tells the story of the Alexandrian Empire and the various characters inhabiting this unique world The Empire is at its peak, but there are forces at work from a time long ago conspiring to not only bring the empire down but change the course of history When Night Falls introduces us to many characters that will be swept up into this turmoil, most notably Bantu, the commander of the People s Company, a band of semi mercenaries pledged to uphold the empire Gerald Coleman meretriciously crafts an engaging world and story, writing with the details, energy and flair that immerse you into this world The characters are distinct and engaging, and the fight scenes are as detailed as they are exciting When Night Falls is the kind of book you make time for, a book that deserves a comfortable chair and a cup of choca th...

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    When Night Falls really brought me back to the days when I d buy books for length, hoping they d last me the week That buying plan took me through Hugh Cook s Wizard War Chronicles, Robert Jordan s Wheel of Time Series, and any number of fantasy series I burned through in those days pure story, all of them Author Gerald L Coleman holds his own in that pantheon, with...

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    I do not like fantasy At all Its a genre that has never spoken to me However, i m anticipating the next book in this series already Mr Coleman is at ease on the page His character development is on point His style of...

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    Captivating fantasy with a dash of steampunk and multi dimensional characters Women and characters of color are portrayed as well rounded beings instead of tired tropes that alone makes this an important read Can t wait for book 2.

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    It s my book I wrote it So I feel a little funny doing a review I will just say that I hope you enjoy reading it

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    I had been searching for a new fantasy series and I am glad to have found When Night falls What an exciting find It s not often you get to discover a new author and a new series, especially when it s at the very beginning I l...

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    I really enjoyed this book It s very descriptive In the beginning and then jumps into nonstop action and this is only the first book Looking forward to the next book

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