Hide and Go Seek

Gwenda Was Beautiful And Pregnant Susan Was Beautiful And Rich Alan Was Engaged To Marry Both When He Decided He D Rather Be Rich Than A Father, He Was Faced With A Dilemma How Could He Get Off The Hook With Gwenda Who Would Make A Fuss Without Losing Susan, Who Would Be Furious If She Found Out Murder Was One Possible Solution, But It Might Not Work Then Alan Came Up With A Better Scheme A Perfect MurderHide and Go Seek

Andrew Garve was the pen name of Paul Winterton 1908 2001 He was born in Leicester and educated at the Hulme Grammar School, Manchester and Purley County School, Surrey, after which he took a degree in Economics at London University He was on the staff of The Economist for four years, and then worked for fourteen years for the London News Chronicle as reporter, leader writer and foreign corres

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  • Paperback
  • 263 pages
  • Hide and Go Seek
  • Andrew Garve
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9781842621790

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    This is the US title for Murderer s Fen Ingenious.

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    What a great story from the ever reliable Andrew Garve Murderer s Fen is the tale of a murder planned by Alan Hunt smooth talking salesman and all round con man It s not a whodunit, but a how s he going to get away with it , told in Garve s trademark laconic style I love the easy to read approach and his hallmark light touch.Unusually for the bulk of crime fiction even good crime fiction , the plot hinges on the police not being stupid, with them actually doing some detecting and synthesising of clues and other information So often these days the detective is at the mercy of the events which unfold around them, and the story peters out, rather than being solved by the police Garve avoids this, and his plotting skills are clearly on display here Although this isn t a long novel, Garve displays a great grasp of the psychology of the crime and its impact on those touched by it Hunt is a true antihero, similar to those created by authors such as Patricia Highsmith and Ruth Rendell, where despite the heinous nature of their crimes and misdeeds, there s a part of you that can sympathise with them, and almost root for them to avoid their inevitable downfall and comeuppance Garve s ability to create this desire to identify with bad people is a much interesting way of thinking about good and evil, than that which is displayed by many modern crime fiction authors It s a real shame that most of Andrew Garve s novels are now out of print If you enjoy good crime fiction, make the effort to track down some of his booksthey ll certainly repay the effort Koplowitz 2013

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    The plot brought Agatha Christie to mind.

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