Everran's Bane

What Does The Dragon Know The Kingdom Of Everran Is Dying, Razed By A Dragon That Came Out Of Nowhere To Burn Its Oil Groves And Devastate Its Vineyards And Kill Its Folk Everran Was Safe, Prosperous, And Contented, With Peaceful Lords, A Strong King, And Beautiful Queen What Has It Ever Done To Earn A Curse But Legend Says A Dragon S Coming Always Has A Cause If No Enemy Has Bespelled The Country, Is There Something Wrong In Everran Itself Despite Its Prosperity And Its Peace And Its Royal Couple Who Have Not Yet Had A Child Soldiers Cannot Stop The Dragon There Is No Help In Everran S Neighbors, And None In Legend Or History Why Has The Dragon Come What Does The Dragon Know Answering Its Riddle Will Explain The Ruin Of A Kingdom And Turn Its Ruler Into Something Less Than Human But Very Much Than A Man.Sylvia Kelso Lives In North Queensland, Australia.Everran's Bane

Sylvia Kelso lives in North Queensland, Australia She writes fantasy and SF set in analogue or alternate Australian settings She has published six fantasy novels, two of which, The Moving Water 2006 and Amberlight 2007 were finalists for best fantasy novel of the year in the Australian Aurealis genre fiction awards Her most recent novel length work is a two volume contemporary fantasy, the

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  • Hardcover
  • 239 pages
  • Everran's Bane
  • Sylvia Kelso
  • English
  • 20 July 2018
  • 9781594143533

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    Really like 2.5 stars So, Lois McMaster Bujold hath a blog, or accurately, a MySpace page One of the latest things posted on it was a recommendation of her friend Sylvia Kelso s new book, Everran s Bane The library had it, so I requested it, and took it with me on a recent trip It s hmm It was adequately readable but there were things I didn t like Parts of the worldbuilding didn t feel very deep There were generic Norse alikes And there was a culture that was run by corrupt trade unions, and another with a major media obsession The narrator spends a bunch of time being exasperated with them for not being his home culture, and all in all it feels sort of anachronistic and somewhat drags the reader out of the setting Kelso made up a bunch of words for various magical techniques, which were somewhat confusing And she made her viewpoint character able to hear the mental speech the wizards used, but with no real explanation why I suppose she went that route to avoid having him and thus the reader in the dark, but he could have watched their expressions or been spoken aloud to some of the time.The basic storyline of the book was actu...

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    Not your typical dragon slaying genre fantasy, although is some ways reminiscent of of Robin McKinley s The Hero and the Crown psychological struggles, severe injuries, ancient magic bloodlines.Where she is strong, Kelso is very strong her characters are well developed, complex individuals, her political and economic issues are realistic, and her portrayal of battle and injury is realistic rather than heroic Travel and communication happen in real time This last is not necessarily a positive for the reader, however, as much of the book is taken up with lengthy description of the landcapes and towns through which Harran and Beryx must pass on their quests I found the descriptive aspects of the novel especially unsatisfying as they were so heavily larded with made up words There is an almost overwhelming pletho...

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    So, far, like Sylvia s other books, I am enjoying the rich and lush descriptions and strong characterization I like the very evil dragon.

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