Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

You Ve Read The Dark Version, Now Here S The Version With Light At The End Of A Long, And Twisted Tunnel That Which Destroys Me With The Alternate Ending Read The Warning FIRST This Is A Story Of Perseverance, Trying To Overcome The Transgressions That Others Inflict Upon You, It S A Story Of Love Gone Wrong And Obsession Gone Mad This Book Contains Explicit Descriptions Of Violence, Disturbing Situations, And Very Strong Language This Book Is Intended For MATURE AUDIENCE MEMBERS ONLY, And NOT Intended For The Weak At Heart A Beautiful, Enchanting Story Of Love, Happiness Record Needle Scratches Across Vinyl No, It Is Not Obession Passed The Brink Of Sanity YESQuod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

Who is Kimber Shit, sometimes even I don t know, lmao However, if I can only say one thing for certain about myself, it s this I m real, I don t back down from what I believe, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say I don t bite my tongue and I never try to hide the ugly parts of who I am You either love me or hate me, but if you love me I ll always be loyal, no fucking matter what I

[Epub] ➣ Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit  ➤ Kimber S. Dawn – Tiffanydaniels.co.uk
  • Kindle Edition
  • 262 pages
  • Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit
  • Kimber S. Dawn
  • English
  • 07 September 2019

10 thoughts on “Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

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    I read this for the alternate ending after reading the original version, That Which Destroys Me, review here If you, like me, were just looking for the alternate ending, the changes start in chapter 46 I was seriously traumatized by the original version s ending and was hoping the HEA version might restore some of my sanity I thought once I read the alternate ending I might do what I do whenever I m faced with a traumatic experience and act like the original ending never happened That s totally healthy, right Well, it s not working I heard or read a something somewhere recently that seems apt it s like putting a band aid on a bullet wound While the alternate ending did soften the blows a bit, this version still held all of the horror and violence of the original The only difference being the HEA ending, which did seem a bit implausible and rushed The original is probably a better book, but I am happy that Dawn wrote the alternate ending for wusses like me.As I am still recovering from the bout of PTRD post traumatic reading disorder, and yes, that s totally a thing these books gave me I have no idea how many stars to give either version Read at your own risk.

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    Moim skromnym zdaniem to alternatywne zako czenie nie powinno by o powsta , bo psuje wra enie wietnego orygina u.

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    The whole 3 minutes it took to read the alternate ending aka chapter I thought about 1 getting a refund2 suing the author for plagiarism since she sold the same book twice for the same freaking price with only 10 alternate ending pagesout of 262 pages3 write a review to tell the world not to get hoodwinked my this thief and save the 3.99 in change preferably pennies and throw it at the author thief hoodwinker extraordinaire s headThis book was so disappointing for such a good author I m never buying from her again I wish I could give this book 5 stars to show how far this author was from creating something good toughlove

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    4 Definitely preferred the original ending, even though it shattered me This would be the go for those faint of heart because the original ending gutting stars.

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    Ok, przeczyta am t cz z alternatywnym zako czeniem jedynie z ciekawo ci, jak mog a autorka w inny spos b t histori zako czy Szczerze Rozczarowanie Niby fajnie, niby ok, happy end w ko cu ale ciesz si , e te zako czenie jest jedynie alternatywne, poniewa uwa am, e w og le by o niepotrzebne i zb dne To jak przyklejenie plastra na ogromn ran , kt ra potrzebuje porz dnego zszycia po prostu nie pasuje Historia wietna, cz sto czyta am j mru c oczy, jakby to mia o sprawi , e obrazy b d mniej drastyczne Szczerze polecam, ale nie tra cie czasu na cz i yli d ugo i szcz liwie chyba, e chcecie bajk

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    I read the first book and now im reading this one with the alternate ending The ending felt really rushed for me and at some point i thought Stella was dreaming but it wasnt the case Hmmmm i dont know the story is not as good as i remembered it after my first read of the book a few years back.

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    Kimber S Dawn Mark this authors name down somewhere because once ypouve read this I guarantee you will want to read her other books This by the way is the alternate ending, you can also read the original.So what of the book A very powerful story that will have you engrossed from beginning to end, a battle of wills between a dom who is a publishing mogul and his intern Stella who he is desperate to turn into his lover and his submissive but Stella has a bad past, abuse and hard tomes have hardened her to life and she is not going to submit to anyone easily, even her boss, Wesley Interwoven into this story wich is told in alternate POV there s a third shadowy character who is a very nasty individual indeed and that s all I ll say about the story because any would contain spoilers.The writing is to the point, the characters are portrayed without any niceties and are certainly not perfect human beings but that s what this story is all about, the decisions and mistakes we make in life.Now about Kimber this is one amazing woman, like her books she says it straight, she doesn t soften her words and she will tell you This is me, take it or leave it In her thank you at the end of the book she is loving and sincere but she is a woman who has two sides I think and that comes through in her writing.There is one thing missing from her thankyou s her publisher, she doesn t have one and that is a travesty because this is an amazing writer and a great story I hope she gets one in the future because I feel theres a lot to come from Kimber S Dawn.

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    I read this right after I have finished the first version It somehow gave me the rightful idea of HEA for Stella but if I have to choose between the twoI would still go for the first version of ending There s just too much damage has been done to her to even make this version believable But somehow it gave Stella a chance to have her HEA finally after all that she have endured I was only hoping that Wes actually can be less than a drunken ass as he was and reroute this story to a different direction to achieve that believable ending But that won t served to be the alternate ending right I know I m messed up Kudos to Ms.Kimber You have earned yourself a new fan I just need to read those flowers and unicorns stories to stay sane before jumping into another of your books I can only handle one heartbreak at a time.

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    After reading the first version of TWDM I absolutely HAD to read the alternate ending I cried so hard If your looking for the happy ending than this is the version you should read.however, I would recommend both Kimber Dawn has quickly become one of my favorite authors and from this point forward I will excitedly wait for each of her future books to release Her writing is effortless and just flows so wonderfully I cannot say enough how much I love her This is most definitely another one click purchase

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    If you like profanity in the extreme, every clich bdsm lite, rich guy beautiful girl, Ken and Barbie story all rolled into one And a very unrealistic ending to boot In changing the ending the author moves from what I suspect was meant to be satire to stupid PS, removing the skin from someone is permanently disfiguring and I can t imagine the mental damage The original book had a happier ending for her really

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