Te nu es esmu!

Rom N Te Nu Es Esmu Rakstniece Atceras To Smago Laiku, Kad P C V Cijas Nometn S Pavad Tajiem Gadiem Latvie I Ierodas Kan D , Lai Uzs Ktu Jaunu Dz Vi Vissmag Kais Un Pazemojo Kais Fiziskais Darbs K Vien Gais Noteikums Ties B M Iece Ot Aj Zem Un Neatlaid Gi Centieni Izkarot Sev Atbilsto U Darbu Un Dz Vi Savas M Jas, Zemes St R A Ieg Ana, M Lest Bas Un Jaunas Dz V Bas Ies Kums L Dz S Ikdienas R P M Un Priekiem Sabiedrisk S Dz Ves Organiz Ana, Apzi A, Ka Tikai Un Vien Gi Gar Guma Un Nacion L S Pa Apzi As Saglab Ana Sola Cer Bu N KotneiTe nu es esmu!

Prozai e Irma Grebzde meitas v rd Irmgarde Priec g dzimusi 1912 gada 25 maij Ren , dzelzce nieka imen G jusi ganos un dz vojusi vect va saimniec b Vecauces Kalna Dzirkantos P c Auces pamatskolas beig anas Irma Grebzde m c s 2 R gas pils tas imn zij , ko absolv 1930 gad Interes jas par filozofiju un v sturi, bet iest jas LU Lauksaimniec bas fakult t.1935 gad apprecas ar ier

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  • Hardcover
  • 223 pages
  • Te nu es esmu!
  • Irma Grebzde
  • Latvian
  • 11 April 2017

15 thoughts on “Te nu es esmu!

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    This would be one of my most favorite books by a Latvian author.The story basically is about a Latvian refugee named Dace who escapes from Latvia during WWII to a refugee camp in Germany Then from Germany she immigrates to Canada where she works as help and then starts building her life in Canada It was easy to read and the book raised quite a few questions that I didn t understand and really get, e.g there was a character who felt miserable in Canada and kept wanting to return to Latvia Why didn t she Another question that was haunting me throughout the book was the humiliation that the main characters felt when working for a Canadian family I m still puzzled by it because the main character Dace was a teacher in German refugee camps 22 23 years old at that time and she expected that if she arrives in Canada, she would be able to teach Seriously I doubt her English was flawless considering the level of foreign language education in those and later times here in Lat...

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    Viegli las ma gr mata, kas deva man pla ku skat jumu un izpratni par latvie iem, kas izce oja uz rzem m otr pasaules kara laik.

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