Most Common Questions Asked by Non-Muslims About Islam by Dr. Zakir Naik

Da Wah Is A Duty Most Muslims Know That Islam Is A Universal Religion, Meant For All Humankind Allah Swt Is The Lord Of The Entire Universe, And Muslims Have Been Entrusted With The Duty Of Conveying His Message To All Humankind Alas, Most Muslims Today Have Become Callous Towards This Duty While Accepting Islam As The Best Way Of Life For Ourselves, Most Of Us Are Unwilling To Share This Knowledge With Those To Whom The Message Has Not Yet Been Conveyed The Arabic Word Da Wah Means A Call Or An Invitation In Islamic Context, It Means To Strive For The Propagation Of Islam.Most Common Questions Asked by Non-Muslims About Islam by Dr. Zakir Naik

Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik is a renowned orator on Islam comparative religion He is the founder president of the Islamic Research Foundation IRF , a non profit organisation that owns the Peace TV Network the Islamic International School IIS Dr Zakir clarifies misconceptions about Islam, using the Qur an, authentic Hadith other Religious Scriptures, with reason, logic

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  • Most Common Questions Asked by Non-Muslims About Islam by Dr. Zakir Naik
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  • 13 March 2017

10 thoughts on “Most Common Questions Asked by Non-Muslims About Islam by Dr. Zakir Naik

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    i ve learnt how to answer a question about Islam A basic question but the good answer because zakir naik has a wide knowledge in this field.

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    There re mistakes and fallacies in the book including outdated statistics, most of which have no references For example he saith that there are 7.8 millions females than males in USA, 9 million females ...

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    It is easy to read and understand In many parts, the author gave logical explanations that are very useful to answer common questions from non Muslims about Islam for instance, why Muslims don t eat porc, why pilgrimage in Mecca, why women wear veils, and so on.However, there are three statements in this book that I didn t appreciate First, he claims that Muslims of nowadays are the best If we don t consider terrorists, Dr Naik thinks that Muslim community is the best That is true, Muslims don t have drinking problems, they are generous But, why the author ignored one serious problem of Muslim society of nowadays which is illiteracy The percentage of illeteracy in the Islamic world is high This is contradictory, since Islam came to ask Muslims to seek knowledge I don t understand why he neglected such very serious problem Second, the au...

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    I would like to know those questions,But rather than reading them,I prefer watching D Zakir Naik talking about them.

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    lovely. one. i read it. twice.

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    Don t know if it s exactly the same book I read But I think it was very good Helpful and useful Also, easy to read..

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    With Respect, Many thanks to Almighty Allah Who have guided Dr.Zakir Saheb with a great knowledge of Religions and science which caused us to once again proud about our Great Religion of Islam and beside that caused us to keep his advices in our minds and to follow it accordingly.As I read this good book I have learned many things and then I felt myself responsible for sharing his good ideas and good responds to the questions which we all Muslims facing them, so then I tried to explain them exactly what was written in the book, so I realized that not only my friends but also all my Muslim community which locates in Kabul, Afghanistan should know about it, so then I tried to translate the whole book and right now I finished it s translation which in this downloaded PDF the 15th question was missing and I was going to search for it that I faced this site, and after finishing a process of ratin...

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    20 soalan lazim antaranya berkisar poligami, aurat, penyebaran Islam, keganasan, makanan, penyembelihan, Al Quran, kaabah, Makkah, harta warisan, arak, khinzir, saksi, ukhrawi, mazhab, orang kafir dan amalan merupakan perkara pokok yang sering ditanya atau menjadi isu dari kaca mata orang Isu ini bukan sahaja dimainkan oleh barat tetapi juga pemahaman ini benar benar perlu penjelasan di kalang...

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    i wud like to read the questions of that book.

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