The Trouble with Cupid

On The Pennsylvania School Librarians Association YA Top Forty List For What Does Erin Morris Have To Do To Get The School S Most Popular Hottie, Zach Cameron, To Ask Her Out When A Dog Food Company Announces A Competition For The New Face Of Cheesebarkers TV Ad Campaign, A School Committee Forms To Find A School Mascot And Train It So They Can Win The Prize Money For The School And Zach Cameron Is On The Committee What Better Place To Show Off Her Talents As A Dog Trainer And Impress Zach At Times Touching And Other Times Hilarious, The Trouble With Cupid Examines A Young Teen S First Serious Crush, Along With The Constant Struggle To Find Acceptance While Still Remaining True To Her PrinciplesThe Trouble with Cupid Follow her at

[BOOKS] ✪ The Trouble with Cupid By Laura Langston –
  • Paperback
  • 251 pages
  • The Trouble with Cupid
  • Laura Langston
  • English
  • 24 September 2018
  • 9781554550593

10 thoughts on “The Trouble with Cupid

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    This book was so cute I liked it a lot It s all about this seemingly untrainible bulldog named Cupid who is competing to be the face of a dog food company The main character, Erin, has to train him, and the school will get 5,000 dollars, evryone will consider her a hero, and, most importantly, she ll get the guy of her dreams But he and the dog food company aren t what they seem, and Erin has to make a discision

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    1 A book with a female protagonist2 The front picture is so cute Recommendation from a friend3 Erin Moris had a major crush on Zach Cameron Everything was so nice, funny and cute I liked it a lot4 I CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING THAT I DID NOT LIKE IN THAT CUTE BOOK.5 Perfect for teen girls and boys especially for those who like to read books about crushes

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    i love this book.i read it over 2 times repeating..this is for teensbut everyone should read it

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    Meh Didn t love it, didn t hate it Lots of filler that wasn t really needed.

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    11 year old me FREAKING LOVED this duology 15 year old me still remembers it fondly.SCREW YOU ZACH CAMERON

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    it is fun and gets a little in the middle when they are training the bulldog cupid, the rest is good.

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    Cute Perfect for tweens especially those who like to read first crush books.

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