Remember, Grandma?

Margaret S Grandma Is The Special Kind She Wears Sneakers With Yellow Laces And Laughs Very Loud They Go For Walks, Sing Songs Together, And Gather Apples To Make Grandma S Special Mile High Apple Pie But Lately Grandma Gets Mixed Up More And She Can T Remember She Forgets The Way Home And Sometimes She Doesn T Even Know Margaret She Still Loves You, Says Margaret S Mother, Even If She Can T Remember Your Name Warm And Accessible, Remember, Grandma Is An Important Book That Will Strike A Chord With Many Readers For Families Who Have A Relative Facing Memory Loss, It May Trigger Important Conversations And For All Children With Aging Family Members, It Provides Gentle Reassurance About The Love Within Families That Endures Even When Memory Does Not.Remember, Grandma? Follow her at

!!> Read ➸ Remember, Grandma? ➻ Author Laura Langston –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Remember, Grandma?
  • Laura Langston
  • English
  • 16 July 2018
  • 9780670058983

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    Words can not describe the way i felt after reading this beautiful book I have nothing but praise for the soft and curvaceous illustrations, the charming words used and the beautiful portrayal of such a saddening illness This touching story encaptures the relationship between a Grandma and Granddaughter The story is from the young Granddaughters point of view and thus this makes the narrative even touching We are taken on a journey to hear about all the things they love to do together and the endearing tokens the granddaughter enjoys doing for her Grandma These include picking the Grandma her favourite flowers, playing the piano to her and together, making Mile High Apple Pie As the story develops, so does the Grandmas dementia and soon she forgets who her Granddaughter is This is such a sad...

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    Happily sloppy artwork and perfectly picked words and pace present the first person ponderings of a young girl as her once spunky grandmother slips into forgetfulness in this sweet, sad tale of coping and compassion.More grandmothers on JOMB The Grandmother DollGetting to Know Ruben PlotnickWhen I Was a Little GirlThe GardenerThe Lotus SeedSnowSourpuss and Sweetie PieTreasure For LunchFalling AngelsThe Clay LadiesHealing the Wounds of World War IIA Gift For GitaCarmine, A Little More RedPetite Rouge, A Cajun Red Riding HoodGrandma s Feather BedBintou s BraidsSeven Brave WomenSuki s KimonoThe Not So Only ChildA Very Unusual DogAunt Claire s Yellow Beehive HairMama s SarisMr Hiroshi s GardenI Am Smal...

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    N m lapsille suunnatut, muistisairaudesta kertovat kirjat ovat kyll eritt in riipaisevia ja kaihoisaa luettavaa Toisaalta olen rett m n onnellinen, ett n in vaikeaa asiaa voi k sitell sadun kautta Kirjan kuvitus oli sopivan herkk aiheeseen liittyen.

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    Having watched my own grandma battle with Alzheimer s for the best part of a decade, this book really struck a chord with me I think it would be a lovely way for a child to begin to understand Alzheimer s or any other kind of dementia

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    Summary a little girl tells a tale of her grandmother that is losing her memory The granddaughter comments on examples of times the grandmother might remember, but won t remember the next time around The little girl gives explicit detail to her grandmother s quirks and traits for the readers to find charming It portrays a tough topic, like Alzheimer s or Dementia, in a lighthearted way for other young children to possibly understand and not fear 2 Reading Level Fluent3 Genre Fictional4 Social Issues The Book Addresses Alzheimer s disease or Dementia Children coming to grips with grandparent s aging 5 Specific curricular uses Read Aloud The book provides a lot of text for a teacher to work with to make it an interesting book to hear read aloud Could also be read during independent reading for a particular student who might be dealing with a similar situation.6 Specific literary elements the book demonstrates The book plays with fonts The fonts are large, small, round, stiff, and all sorts of different types They seem to create emphasis on particular words to make them dramatic It s neat to see font play such an important role in storytelling The story is told through the granddaughter The granddaughter is showing us how she understan...

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    Remember, Grandma This book touched my heart in a soft spot, because I had a grandmother who started losing her memory before she passed away This book first appealed to me because I was close with my grandparents and I figured I would enjoy the book I enjoyed the book immensely, but it definitely hit home for me I think this is a great book to maybe show a child who might be going through a tough situation like this with one of their grandparents This book can show that child that is okay and it isn t their fault that their grandparent is losing their memory It shows how the child can still be there fo...

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    Wonderful portrayl of dementia through the eyes of a young child.Unfortunately we were only able to find ONE copy in only ONE library in the whole of NSW, Australia.This book should be widely available to help children understand the issues that face their loved ones,and to help them understand the feelings they have about the changes.My daughter is 8 and wonders daily what is ...

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    This book was a little different than what I thought it was going to be It s about a little girl whose grandma has either dementia or the onset of Alzheimer I would recommend this book to parents who have a parent of their own going through this to help explain to their children what is happening It ends very happily because the grandma remembers who her granddaughter is and then the granddaughter realizes that she is the reason she remembers what happens Overall a little depressing book,...

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    A young girl shares many things with her grandmother a love of music, taking walks and baking pies Grandma is getting older, though, and is starting to have trouble remembering things Throughout the story, grandma s illness progresses from simply mixing things up the names of flowers to mistakenly going into a neighbour s house and forgetting her grand daughter s name A sensitive and melancholy book ...

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    So sad This is a great little easy picture book dealing with an elderly person whose memory is not the way it was The loss of memory is difficult for kids to fully understand and this cute read expresses the hurt it may cause but overall still maintaining a great relationship It was pretty sad for me to read since I had a great Aunt that was like this and I was that little girl who wondered why she kept asking who I was, b...

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