Awaiting Destiny

I thought my quest to discover the truth about my Mothers mysterious disappearance, so long ago, had come to a sad and horrible end Moments ago, I watched my last breath bubble to the surface like fleeing butterflies as I sank helplessly into the salty depths of the sea The wondrous, aquarium like scene slowly faded around me until finally I drowned, an ordinary American girl Then woke a mermaid princess. New Download [ Awaiting Destiny ] By [ M. Schaefer ] – Destiny

I believe life is simplyinteresting when you weave a little humor, enchantment, romance and especially adventure into it I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my family and spend my free time writing, playing with my pets, gardening and kayaking.

¾ PDF Download ↠ Awaiting Destiny  E-Pub Author M. Schaefer À southern war for independance –
  • ebook
  • 130 pages
  • Awaiting Destiny
  • M. Schaefer
  • English
  • 13 March 2018

10 thoughts on “Awaiting Destiny

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    Destiny and Kinkade were so likable, and I loved the oceanic humor Schaefer employed I may have teared up by the end Overall, this is a story about family It s also about a fourteen year old girl finding that there is an entire underwat...

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    This was short and sweet A little young for me but it was a nice break Target audience is probably tweens It was clean though, which was refreshing.

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    Awaiting Destiny is a cute story whose target audience appears to be Tweens but also provides a fun read for YA s who need a respite from the day to day effort of appearing to be grown up For those readers who are ahem somewhat older than the target audience, Awaiting Destiny can serve as a brief but very pleasant vacation from being an adult.Destiny Mariner is a thirteen year old girl living with her father, ...

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    For young readers who enjoy Emily Windsnap This readslike a Disney movie than a book, and I felt Destiny was too passive for most of the story The lack of tension and problem solving made it difficult to ma...

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    I liked the concept, but not how it was played out I felt like this was a less experienced author who wrote it There were a few grammatical errors The wasn t a lot of character development I also found that there was no I don t know you kind of awkwardness with the family she never met.

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    This was an amazing book, the two main characters were so love able and the story line wasn t complicated and easy to follow Amazing writing and it was a really nice book and a relief from the books with so much drama haha Your an amazing writer

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    Honestly,this book doesn t need an explanation.My star rating speaks for itself HUGS AND KISSES

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