Southern Accent

Here Is The South, Taken Apart And Reassembled As It Has Never Been Done Before As The Author, A Southerner Himself, Says, He Wrote This Book Out Of Love, Shame, Admiration, Exasperation, Perplexity And Fascination Too Many Writers Have Sentimentalized The South Out Of Existence Others Have Debunked It Past Recognition Mr Polk Aims To Show Readers His Own South, A South Without Tears Or Pedantry, And The Measure Of His Success Will Be Obvious To Every Reader Southern Accent Is Excellent Fare And Is Often Hilarious.Southern Accent

William T Bill Polk, born in Warrenton, NC, to Tasker Polk, a poet, prominent attorney, and North Carolina State Senator for several consecutive terms An attorney and writer himself, William Polk also served as mayor of Warrenton until he left Warrenton for Greensboro, NC, to become editor of The Greensboro Daily News Polk attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Harvard.

[EPUB] ✴ Southern Accent  By William T. Polk –
  • Hardcover
  • 264 pages
  • Southern Accent
  • William T. Polk
  • English
  • 20 November 2018

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    This was a pure treat for me Charmingly outdated in parts, brilliant in others, shot all the way through with that most indispensable of Southern things humor It s the South that s ferocious in its duality, playful with its fictions and truths, and sixty years later a good portion of Polk s perspective holds up.A few of my favorite pet topics are here a defense and history of Southern dialects which are neither Southern nor dialect closer to the English of Shakespeare and Marlowe, they are , the Civil War minus revisionist history causes boredom and the cotton gin, only slightly tongue in cheek , and the if not unique, at least idiosyncratic nature of crime in the South violence isn t wasted on strangers it s reserved for family and friends My grandma s a McNeill the McNeills get mentioned What s , this was written from my birthplace, Greensboro, NC, in 1953, the heart of the Civil Rights movement right from the seat of the Civil Rights movement before it became the Civil Rights movement What better time capsule than that Most of all, Polk graciously fails to repeat the crime of Laura Hastings, whose cautionary tale is thus she, he says, when writing A History of Hastings, referred to certain of the inhabitants as good, substantial citizens Nothing could have insulted them There are no such insults here No sacrifice of individuality for the broader types Hastings, he exp...

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