Gods, Men and Ghosts: The Best Supernatural Fiction of Lord Dunsany

Irish Writer Edward J M D Plunkett, Th Baron Of Dunsany, Ranks Among The Twentieth Century S Great Masters Of Supernatural And Science Fiction An Outstanding Dramatist Whose Supernatural Plays Anticipated The Theater Of The Absurd, Dunsany Was Also A Virtuoso Writer Of Short Stories And Essays This Selection Presents The Finest Of His Works, Gathered From Long Out Of Print Sources Contents Include The Famous Three Sailors Gambit, Possibly The Best Chess Story Ever Written The Remarkable Trilogy About Nuth And The Gnoles, Thangobrind The Jeweller, And The Gibbelins Exploits Of The Gods, Including Both The Gods Of Pengana And Adventures From Other Books And Favorite Adventures Of Jorkens, Prince Of Liars Dunsany S Spellbinding Tales Are Complemented By The Remarkable Visions Of Sidney H Sime, Whose Delicate Illustrations Form An Indispensable Complement To The StoriesGods, Men and Ghosts: The Best Supernatural Fiction of Lord Dunsany

Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, 18th Baron of Dunsany was an Anglo Irish writer and dramatist, notable for his work in fantasy published under the name Lord Dunsany More than eighty books of his work were published, and his oeuvre includes hundreds of short stories, as well as successful plays, novels and essays Born to one of the oldest titles in the Irish peerage, he lived much of his life

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  • Gods, Men and Ghosts: The Best Supernatural Fiction of Lord Dunsany
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    I found this collection unbalanced but still rather delightful Many of Dunsany s short fantasy pieces suffer from the short story format itself His enormous affection for bestowing fanciful names upon men, monsters, and places means that the stories don t have the universality of classic fairy tales, but due to their short length they also can t luxuriate in Tolkien esque world building The high points of the collection are well worth these annoyances, though The Jorkens series, its title character a 19th century English club bore full of stories about stumbling through encounters with the occult, is a pleasure Dunsany s god cycle is properly mythic, with Concerning Sith The Destroyer of Hours being a particular favorite of mine.

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    This is a wonderful collection of fantasitc and supernatural stories from the 18th irish baron Edward Plunkett aka Lord Dunsany He may be forgotten today not quite He influenced writers like H.P Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Rober E Howard This compilation consists of his Heroic Fantasy, Weird, Supernatural horror and dreamland stories and are a fun re read and appreciation of the authors I enjoy reading today Illustrated by Sidney Sime s orginal plates and reproduced for this publication Edited E.F Bleiler, Dover

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    Es asombroso como, despu s de tantos a os de haber sido creadas, las historias de Lord Dunsany siguen tan vivas y sorprendentes como en su nacimiento Este libro es una recopilaci n de sus mejores historias dividida en cuatro ejes tem ticos hombres, h roes y maravillas, Jorkens y dioses, as que abarca varios ejemplos de su obra De este modo es muy f cil analizarlas tem ticamente, ya que en algunas de ellas es m s evidente su gran imaginaci n que en otras, rozando altas cotas dentro de lo fant stico y que f cilmente se pueden ligar a Lovecraft, su alumno m s avanzado Otro punto a considerar es el excelente dominio narrativo que ten a, patente en historias como Una historia de tierra y mar , que es uno de los relatos m s emocionantes que he le do en mi vida y donde las cualidades narrativas de Dunsany est n en un punto m ximo.Como fan de Lovecraft, desde luego que uno de los motivos por los cuales lo le fue para tratar de encontrar esos relatos que tanto influenciaron al genio de Providence, y no he salido decepcionado Desde menciones a las Monta as de la locura , paseos por esos reinos on ricos de los que Lovecraft se apropi , antecedentes de la nomenclatura empleada posteriormente por los adeptos del C rculo Lovecraftiano, etc tera Desde luego que no se puede decir que exista en el libro alg n trazo de horror c smico , sin embargo este est muy patente, sobre todo en los relatos de la ltima secci n Imperdible

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    I had this book in my home as a child, but I had to read some other stuff first to truly appreciate it HP Lovecraft s Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, Jack Vance s Eyes of the Overworld, I reread The Hobbit as an adult and fell in love again, and then I understood a predecessor to them all, Lord Dunsany High fantasy masquerading as a penny dreadful, a self referential proto Vance with the wit and narrative speed of PG Wodehouse Not flowery, not sparse, always just right The subject matter ranges from burglars vs gnoles to the dangers of keeping too many idols to barbarian adventure in the vein of Howard to the Romantic epic but the knight fights with a sword fashioned from the dragon itself, sharpened with one eye and the other set in the hilt to watch out for the bearer Lord Dunsany is an author s author, which is to say old and mostly forgotten.

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    While the haunting illustrations by Sime would alone give this volume a five star rating, the selection of Dunsany stories contained therein doubles that merit This book is composed of a broad cross section of Dunsany s works, with each period being represented by several tales This is perfect for an introduction to a man whose work spans everything from weird fiction, mythopoeia, and adventure.

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    Anyone who is a fan of modern fantasy, or even of not so modern fantasy, would do well to look into reading some of Lord Dunsany s work I have seen him compared to Terry Pratchett, and while he doesn t go in for quite the same sort of obvious humor that Pratchett does, I think it s a fair comparison I am reminded, too, of some of Fritz Leiber s work, particularly with stories like The Sword of Welleran , or Chu bu and Sheemish Read it.

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    Brilliant stories of fantasy and the supernatural I suspect Philip Pullman got the idea of his characters having souls in the shapes of animals that follow them about, in his Dark Materials novels, from the story The Ghosts in this collection Dunsany was one of the great masters of the form.

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    The short stories are bizarre and well done but the turn of the century style of writing is a little hard to overcome The gods section was less than what I expected.

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    The Jorkens stories and those from the books of wonder were the best I was let down by the final section of stories about the gods.

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