Holy Hustler

Reverend Ethan Ezekiel Goodlove The Third, Pastor Of The Mega Church Sweetwater Powerhouse Of God, Needs To Do Some Damage Repair Rumors Are Flying About The Pastor S Sexuality, His Second Wife Can T Gain Respect From The Church Elders, And His Three Sons Each Need To Stop Succumbing To Temptation If The Pastor S Going To Expand His Church And Keep His Family Together.Holy Hustler

PL Wilson is the pen name for Pat Tucker By day, she works as a radio news director in Houston, TX By night, she is a talented writer with a knack for telling page turning stories A former television news reporter, she draws on her background to craft stories readers will love With than 15 years of media experience, the award winning broadcast journalist has worked as a reporter for ABC,

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Holy Hustler
  • P.L. Wilson
  • English
  • 15 November 2018
  • 9780977733552

10 thoughts on “Holy Hustler

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    Lol this book was amazing it was GOOODfrpm beginningto end Michelle receive bad news from the doctoe she informed Damien Barry and Amy went back to normal Amy s dad cleaned it all up that was going on.

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    Drama in the Church FamilyThe Goodlove men have a love of God but make special ways with the ladies Sweetwater Powerhouse of God utilizes the talents of the Goodlove men to minister the word But will the family be able to maintain their current lifestyle if all the skeletons fall out of the closet Pastor Ethan Gee Goodlove has built a mega church with a loyal following Pastor Gee recently buried his wife of over 30 years and married a much younger, Theola Theola doesn t fit the pristine image of a preacher s wife nor does she desire to fit into the whole church scene However, the dress and conduct of his new wife is the least of his concerns Pastor Gee is dodging sexual allegations dealing with a sudden drop in church attendance noticing a dramatic decrease in tithing and dealing with possible impeachment Will he have to step down from the helm of one of the largest congregations in Houston Damien Goodlove is the oldest son and next in line for senior pastor He has a loving wife, Michelle and two beautiful girls But Damien has one major flaw he loves the ladies Jazzlyn is the mistress of the month and is hooking Damien with a powerful lure Damien may not recognize the signs of a...

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    The Goodlove men in Holy Hustler is beyond over the top Ethan, the father of the Goodlove clan, is never up to any good even when his latest transgression, one that rivals the embattled Eddie Long, he s still trying to figure out ways in how to get over Reginald has taken a page from his father in learning ways to get over to the point that he s created a nice little problem for himself in the form of sex addiction and stealing money from the church in order to feed his habit Damien is a lady s man sleeping with anything that will have him inside and outside of the church only problem he s married Then there s baby brother Barry with troubles of his own dealing with a certified nutcase who s given him an ultimatum to break up with his fiance from another prominent church family and marry her or reap the consequences.Sweetwater PG has problems than the law allow with it s first family, but throw in the underhandedness of the holy roller crew and it s pure madness all around While I enjoyed the book, there were too many characters with major story lines like the wives, crazy women etc with speaking chapters Barry Goodlove could ve been a supporting character since his story wouldn t have been missed if it was omitted to focus on the other three Goodlove men I can t believe the way the story ended in a rough spot and without any indication Holy Hustlers was a good book with characters you ...

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    I am on page 193 of 231 but I can give my review now This book was just ok for me It started out good but started to drag somewhere in the middle The book actually could have been really good but I felt that it lacked something As a reader I want to really feel what the characters are experiencing both good and bad There were a lot of scenes that were introduced, not detailed and just left to the imagination For me thats never a good thing to do I want a novel to make me talk aloud to the characters, gasp, feel a rush, evoke emotion of some sort...

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    I was hesitant to read this book because I thought that it would be a preachy Christian based book, but I was so wrong This book started out with a ton of drama and ended with even These church folks were definitely scandalous and had no respect for the house of God There was never a dull moment and I found myself reading it at every opportunity There was scandal, lies, deceit, cheating, and theft among other things The unbelievable part ...

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    Ok, normally my reviews are very good and I give good ones, but this book was just really stupid The plot was ok, but it took to long to get to the end of the book I would recommend this book to anyone if you re willing to read it.

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    I loved this book In my opinion, it was true to life corruption in the Church Pimps and hoes I was hooked from the beginning With a name like Goodlove, how could you not be I thought the book was well written and it did not drag I could not put this down until finished.

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    Another good book but i couldn t believe that all there was all that drama in a church i also couldn t believ he was taking the churches money like that the title fit the story very well thoguth..

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    This book was good, but it just stoppedthere wasn t a real endingI guess I ll have to read part 2 to get that.

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    well written fast paced urban lit I liked it and am going to get the Holy Hustler 2.

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