A Portrait of Egypt: A Journey Through the World of Militant Islam

For Centuries Egypt Has Been A Citadel Of Islamic Learning And Thought, And Since The Signing Of The Egyptian Israeli Peace Treaty In 1979, It Has Been Of Immense Strategic Importance To American Interests In The Middle East But Egypt Is Also A Country In Crisis, Torn Between The Old And The New, Between Unsettled Religious Revival And Secular Politics President Hosni Mubarak Favors A Secular Society But Mubarak S Government Faces Constant Conflict With Militant Clerics Such As Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman In A Portrait Of Egypt, Mary Anne Weaver Argues That An Islamist Victory In Egypt Is Almost Inevitable, And, Unlike That Of Shi Ite Iran, Its Impact On The Islamic World Will Be Truly Profound.Based On Exclusive Interviews With Militants And Front Men, Generals And Presidents, A Portrait Of Egypt Is Essential Reading For Anyone Trying To Understand The Far Reaching Consequences Of The Growing Impact Of Islamist Politics And Policies On The West.A Portrait of Egypt: A Journey Through the World of Militant Islam

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  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • A Portrait of Egypt: A Journey Through the World of Militant Islam
  • Mary Anne Weaver
  • English
  • 14 April 2018
  • 9780374527105

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    for a brief of the book in Arabic please click on the link below

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    The author a staff writer for The New Yorker summarizes her expriences in Egypt since 1977, and shares what she has learned from interviews with key individuals involved with late 20th century developments in the Middle East Her mildly confrontative interviews with individuals the rest of the media are simply satisfied to dismiss as evil, would have been sufficient to make this read worthwhile, but Weaver goes way beyond that in her descriptions of everyday life, religion, and politics of modern Egypt, and how they are all connected to security concerns in America Her analysis of recent Egyptian history obviates our media s incompleteness and simplification of events there This book was published after the trials following the first attack on the World Trade Center, but before the 9 11 attack, and provides an interesting snapshot of what was known at that time about militant Islamists A surprising revelation to me was that the Soviet withdrawal from A...

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    From the top of my Boston Globe review, which covered this book and Cairo The City Victorious, by Max Rodenbeck Iran in the 70s was a nation populated by Muslims but led by a secularist whose power derived, in part, from state repression and US backing When fundamentalists led by a charismatic cleric overthrew the shah, the US government lost an important friend and gained a committed enemy overnight.Author Mary Anne Weaver, who has covered the Islamic world for two decades, says it is about to happen again, this time in Egypt recipient of the second highest amount of US foreign aid and cornerstone of Middle East stability Not only is such a development inevitable, she says, it could carry far greater consequences becau...

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    Mary Anne Weaver followed her husband to Cairo For something to do, she enrolled at the American University of Cairo, where she ended up becoming friends with all kinds of women who later became wives to the elite of Egypt This allowed her access to all kinds of situations She was able to interview all kinds of people whom we now call Jihadists long before 9 11 Her two books reveal a kind of objective semi empathy for her subject matter She tries to write as if seeing the world ...

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    Not knowing much about Egypts recent past other than the uprising of 2011, this was a good book for me to get upto speed Lots of interviews with people involved in politics in Egypt, including Mubarak and Sheik Omar I found the book to be a little scattered though, it went of on a tangent about Bin Laden about two thirds of the way through, I didn t quite get the significance of so much detail about him in the context of Egypt Her overall synopsis seem to be that it is inevitable that Egy...

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    Weaver brilliantly lays out the militant happenings from both sides and effectively shows how complex this problem is This book is so intense at times that I dreamt about the difficulty of the situation.

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