Destiny Was The Law Created By The Gods To Maintain Order Upon The Earth Through No Fault Of His Own Vihark Became A Riddle That The Gods Were Unable To Solve Until Now Given The Task Of Finding An Orange Eyed Man, Vihark Now Known By Some As The Crimson Wind Must Decide The Fate Of A Complete Stranger For What Ever Choice He Makes Will Decide Where He Will Spend The Rest Of Eternity.Oodumay

Ever since I was old enough to retain memory I have wanted to be an author I must have written at least 100 original stories as well as alot of fan fiction I cannot remember the very first story I wrote because I would have written it years before I could properly spell than ten words But the two earliest stories I can remember writing are Blood got on Big Boss and Mad Lab Blood got o

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  • ebook
  • 154 pages
  • Oodumay
  • Shane Porteous
  • English
  • 21 October 2017

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    Please don t let the fact this e book is free fool you into thinking that it is not worth reading because that sure isn t the case In order to fully appreciate this story you have to understand that this is not a sweeping epic where every nook and cranny of its world and history is explored Oodumay is not a tale that deals with the entire world or the fate of an entire nation, but rather is the exploration of a single man called Vihark Vihark is the product of a mistake commited by the gods, a fact that has shaped him into the crimson wind A man who death eagerly awaits to claim him while others attempt to make a name for themselves by slaying him He lives an empty existence as he helplessly awaits for the gods to decide his fate Oodumay is a book that will keep you guessing from the very first page to the last A story that is not predictable w...

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    This is a unique fantasy story in that it doesn t involve an epic quest, heroes facing untold obstacles against all the odds or the potential for worldly destruction Instead it tells the story of one man who has fallen through the cracks and found himself lost in an form of in between, awaiting the gods to make a final decision regarding his fate In doing so his name has become legendary as others try and make their name from his and Death continues to stalk him to no avail My biggest issue with this book is th...

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    this book has all the elements of a great story the character development, storyline and situational context in this book is over the top The author keeps the reader wondering whether the main character is in fact the ant...

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    Ok, so I may have not finished the book yet, but Oodumay so far is bad ASS Porteous s eclectic writing style definitely makes for a page turner.

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    cool book, interesting story, really entertaining mythology

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    Free on Nook

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